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Hey Jude - Premium Cork Coasters / The Beatles Gift, Song Lyrics, Vintage 60's Rock Music, Zen, Peace, Love, Hippie, Music Gift, British Band

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Hey Jude - take a sad song and Make It Better. Remember to let her into your heart. Then you can start to make it better. Make that sweet song feeling new - and keep the feeling with you all day. The Beatles classic hit the radio in 1968. A 60s classic and an all time classic song. Now the lyrics come alive so you can make it better. 

• Set of 4 Thick Cork Coasters - it's party time, A Perfect Gift Set

• 3.75” Diameter, 0.375” Thick - just the right size to be noticed

• Rinse & Air Dry to Clean - DO NOT Put in Dishwasher or Microwave - Let's face it, you're smarter than that

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