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Tree Hugger - Baby Onesie / Nature Lover, Happy Camper, Environment, Outdoors Kid, Mountain Forest Trail, Climate Change, Global Warming

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Instantly teach kids one of the best lessons - being friends with Mother Earth. She called today, wants you to keep up the good work and will see you this weekend. Listen to the trees tell stories as the wind dances with them. Feel the sun pull you higher. Breathe - deeper, when you go to the source of breath. Nature is a source of good vibes. It can heal you. Take a hike in the woods. Find your favorite leaf color. Lay down and rest in the shadow arms of a tree. You love trees. Show you care about nature and the environment. Make a claim on saving it for the future. "Plant Today - Breathe Tomorrow" is the Tree Huggers Union motto. 

 Perfect gift for kids of nature lovers, environment savers, climate change fighters, global warming gurus, happy camper folks, yoga lovers, and mother earth-lovin' hippies who just dig the good vibes when you make peace with the planet, man. 

• Baby Soft for Happy Kids - 4.5 oz., 100% combed, ringspun cotton (no shrinking) with Flatlock seams and EasyTear™ label

• Tough Wearing - Double-needle stitched rib binding on neck, sleeves, leg openings and shoulders

• Easy to Use - Reinforced three-snap closure on binding 

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