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Goin' Up The Country - Tie Dye Fleece Pillow / Woodstock Festival 69, Hippie VW Bus Road Trip

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FREE Shipping (U.S.) - Get away more, Spend less:   Instant Woodstock. I'm goin up the country - babe, don't you want to go? Get on the VW bus and get away. Leave the city. Travel. See some concerts. Explore. Play. Canned Heat's classic comes alive to make you happy. Cue the flute... Perfect music festival, road trip / Travel & Rv or good vibes gift.

• Soft, fleecy polyester cover & poly pillow included - Stands up to all that hugging of your favorite pillow
• Identical design on each side - Any view is a good view, like a perfect vacation sunset
• Cover zipper is Concealed - Because you're elegant that way
• Several sizes to choose from 

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